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La Leche League Breastfeeding Baby

 "We’ve come a long way with appreciating the importance of breastfeeding and parents want to know how to introduce these concepts to the older sibling! MOMMY BREASTFEEDS MY BABY BROTHER provides ideas that worked for one family as they respond to the questions of their older daughter while caring for their newborn breastfed son."
- Marian Tompson, Co-founder, LaLeche League International

"This delightful book is a great addition to your child’s library. The author does a wonderful job assisting siblings in an age appropriate understanding of breast feeding as well as guiding the adjustment to her new sibling role. This book fills a need which has long been unmet for parents. I look forward to recommending it to families in my practice."
- Dr. Susan Sirota, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician, & Instructor at Northwestern University Medical School

"MOMMY BREASTFEEDS MY BABY BROTHER is a wonderful way to introduce the naturalness and normalcy of breastfeeding to a sibling. It provides parents with ideas of how to answer their children’s questions honestly and simply stated. The suggestions of how to make the young sibling feel special during nursing times are priceless. As a mother of 4 who nursed, using those times to share quiet moments with older children helped to ease resentment of the new baby. As a mother and childbirth educator, I would recommend this book to expectant parents, and expectant siblings."
- Joan Kessler, RN, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

"There are certainly a lot more resources available for new parents nowadays, and I think MOMMY BREASTFEEDS MY BABY BROTHER will fill a need not previously addressed. This book could have prepared our other children for the quiet time my wife needed to nurse. I especially loved the idea of Feeding Time Toys. What a great idea for getting the older kids to look forward to the time their mom nurses the new baby. As a physician, my patients are always asking me about resources to educate their children about a new baby on the way. MOMMY BREASTFEEDS MY BABY BROTHER will certainly find a place in their library."
-Dr. Scott Hansfield, MD, OB/GYN 

 "...As an OB/Gyn I try to encourage moms to breastfeed and will definitely recommend this book to parents to help promote breastfeeding even if they did not get to breastfeed their first child. -

Maureen E Tart, MD. Obstetrics and gynecology at Norwegian American Hospital in Chicago, IL  

"MOMMY BREASTFEEDS MY BABY BROTHER IS an honest and loving approach to a natural interaction.-Alona Frankel, writer & illustrator of the "Once Upon a Potty" classics Once Upon a Potty by, Alona FrankelThe Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog: 

"...this book is a fun and helpful tool to help an older sibling learn about breastfeeding." Breastfeeding Blog

"Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" is a breath of fresh air... A must for all breastfeeding families.""Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" is an educational children's book specifically written by Mark Repkin to help older siblings understand and accept the importance supporting of the special nurturing relationship between Mommy and the new baby, whom she breastfeeds. The story is aimed at two year old Jenna learning to find her new role in the process of helping her baby brother grow up happy and healthy, nourished by breastfeeding. Jenna goes through many reactions to the strange process and experience, but her special Feeding Time toys help her to accept sharing her mother's attention with Spencer, her new baby brother. David Moneysmith's charming color illustrations make "Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" a reassuring choice for young parents who are coping with breast feeding a baby with a toddler sibling or two.- Midwest Book Review: Children’s Book Watch- July 2009 

Eco Child's Play - Green Parenting, for Non-toxic, Heathy Homes "This book seems very organic. Emotions are displayed in vibrant colors for the characters. It is a visually and intellectually stimulating way to address the questions about breastfeeding." A Good Clean Life - Healthy Eating, Heatlhy Children, Natural Living Although there are many wonderful breastfeeding resources and books out, I have yet to find one geared towards children. Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother is a book which introduces and encourages both mothers and children on the natural and wonderful benefits of breastfeeding. 

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